Love is in the Air: Micah’s Picks

It’s my second annual musical offering of my favorite songs that are appropriate for the best holiday manufactured to sell cards, fill restaurants, and stress test your romantic relationships.

This first playlist is on the classier side, heavy on 50’s and 60’s swing music and dripping with what may be considered cheese sentimentality. I personally love this kind of music and wouldn’t hesitate to put it on during an intimate dinner at a place with a tablecloth or on a hand-holding walk through the park.

My second playlist is less high-brow. It’s a down and dirty, raunchy journey between bed sheets or wherever the mood may strike you.

The final playlist is for everyone that can’t relate to the first two. It’s the soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day dinner for one, followed by a night next to your stereo with a cat in your lap. Totally not based on how i’m spending my evening.


You can listen to last year’s playlists here.